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Precautions for Safe Use of Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters, as the name indicates, are electric heaters that work by immersing them into a fluid tank to be heated. These work well for heating water as well as other fluids like oil. The heating element which is in the shape of a rod is made to submerge into the fluid while the upper part containing the electric circuit remains above the fluid surface.


These types of heaters are very versatile and are used in various appliances such as cooking ovens, pools, aquariums, kitchen equipment and other home appliances. In industries, these heaters are used in various processes such as packaging, material drying, plastic processing, manufacturing, medical equipments and for maintaining temperature in drums and barrels containing temperature sensitive material.

Safety precautions while using Immersion heaters

Besides these versatile heaters find use in a host of industrial applications, there are a few safety precautions that must be followed during their use. Some of these precautions are discussed below:

  • Under all conditions, the level of the fluid to be heated must lie below the maximum permitted level. If the fluid level rises above the safety limit, it may cause a short circuit in the electric circuitry or the drum may overheat causing unexpected situations.
  • These heaters are not to be left unattended. Over-night or long term use of these heaters must be done in the presence of someone who knows how to handle them. If extended use of the heater is needed, heaters with a provision for cut-off and full coverage heaters should be used.
  • Under all circumstances, the controlling part of the heater should be kept dry and free from moisture.
  • Proper grounding of the device must be ensured for safe use. Improper grounding may cause serious safety hazards like electric shock.
  • The electric wiring should be in regulation with the set standards by the authorities.
  • The heater rod should be immersed into the drum or placed inside the area to be heated before plugging into the power source.
  • Anything that can easily catch fire such as hay or grain should never be placed in close vicinity to the rod as it may overheat, catch fire and explode.
  • The drum heater is an indoor use device and should not be used outdoors to avoid spoiling.
  • Direct contact between the drum and the heater rod may cause overheating and melting of the drum. So these should not be touching each other.

Following these measures, safe use of the device will be ensured. Apart from these basic precautions, it is suggested to have a trained person present in the vicinity where the device is being used so that any unforeseen circumstances can be controlled.

Immersion heaters are designed to provide uniform heating to fluids. These have great heating capacity that can be controlled with automatic shut-off feature. The type of termination can be chosen as per the application. While using the device in environments with high humidity, heaters with custom sealed terminals should be preferred.

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